TÜR is a virtual marketplace platform that connects prospective applicants with private secondary schools, colleges, universities, internship opportunities, consultants, recruiters, service providers, employers and scholarship opportunities. TÜR’s proprietary algorithm provides bidirectional feedback to schools and prospective applicants, ensuring the best match between a student and a school. TÜR allows applicants to explore a wide range of schools and select ones that best fit their profile. Schools, in turn, can search for and recruit prospective students, reaching them well in advance of the start of the application process.


TÜR matches prospective students to schools and allows schools to find and reach out to students who meet their admission criteria. Currently, schools have limited access to prospective applicants, while prospective applicants have no trusted method for selecting schools that are most interested in them. This is especially true for international applicants. TÜR’s algorithm benefits both the students and the schools by helping diversify the applicant pool and reduce costs associated with recruitment. Furthermore, it provides users with opportunities to search for, learn about and connect with each other in a unified virtual marketplace.